Chicago's Leader in Advertising

Fresh opportunities still available for the 2017 tourist season, including city concerts and events.


We are a great opportunity for any regional or national brand who wants to get their message in downtown Chicago. At rates starting as low as $600 per month per pedicab, we simply can’t be beat!

What we offer:

  • Monthly general advertising throughout Downtown Chicago (best value)
  • Targeted marketing: Get your message on pedicabs outside of a specific venue
  • Promotions: Build your brand image with sponsored rides
  • Pedicab shuttle service, arranged rides, and tours (new!)

Why us?

Pedicabs are an awesome way to get around Chicago and get a lot of attention on the street. We utilize a network of very active drivers who are out giving rides to Chicago visitors every day. All chauffeurs are well-experienced and all pedicabs are insured and licensed with the City of Chicago.

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